To save annotations in the Snowbound XML format, add the annotationOutputFormat parameter with the value set to Snowbound to the servlet web.xml files as shown in the example below:


If VirtualViewer HTML5 for Java is configured to save Snowbound annotations, then any existing annotations that are in the FileNet format are read in as read-only and are not able to be edited or deleted. Edit controls are disabled for annotation layers that are not editable.

This means that, for example, the menu items for the layer will be visible, but grayed-out in menus such as Select Layer. When you right-click an annotation to edit it, the pop-up menu will simply not appear.

Snowbound annotation supported configurations

Supported server configurations

Parameter Name Value File Location
annotationOutputFormat Snowbound Web.xml

Note: Snowbound annotations can be used with any configuration of non-required annotation parameters.

Supported client configurations