Below, please find the release notes for VirtualViewer v5.6.0 and associated minor releases. For questions, please contact us at or by phone at (617) 607-2010.

v5.6.0 - September 10, 2020

General availability release.

New features

Text Annotation Background Colors

Background color can now be set on text annotations. This works similarly to sticky note annotations except without the 3D shadow effects. A user-by-user default background color for new text annotations can be set by in User Preferences; admins can set a global default by changing textBackgroundColor in annotationDefaults in the config.js file, or leave it at null for the original transparent default.

Text Annotation Footnotes

Footnotes can now be added to Text Annotations. These footnotes can be added via a button at the bottom of the annotation context menu. When clicked, the Create date and user are added to the text of the annotation.

“Fit to Page” Print Option

Documents can now be printed with contents “fit to page” - images will be scaled up or down to fit onto a portrait-oriented 8.5”x11” US letter-size page with margins when printing a document. Document pages that are already 8.5”x11” (such as scanned document images), or pages that contain text, will not be scaled. This provides a fast and useful alternative to any browser print options that may be available.

The details of this feature are subject to change, so the “fit to page” option is hidden by default. Let us know if you have suggestions about this feature or improvements to it that would help your workflow.

To activate the “fit to page” feature when printing a document:

  • If printing via the Javascript API’s virtualViewer.printDocument, add fitToPage: true to the argument object.
  • Set showFitToPageOption in config.js to true and the Print dialog will show a “Fit to page” checkbox.

Document Viewed Indicator

This new feature lets you add blue checkmarks to Document thumbnails. We’re calling this “Document Viewed Indicator”. This feature will allow customers to use “virtualViewer.addDocumentViewedIndicator” and “virtualViewer.addDocumentViewedIndicatorBatch” to give documents a small blue checkmark. Using this feature in concert with the onDocumentLoad callback to mark the documet that you have just loaded. “virtualViewer.removeDocumentViewedIndicator” and “virtualViewer.removeAllDocumentViewedIndicator” can be used to remove any or all of these indicators if you need to do so at any point. Additionally, we added a callback “onFinishedMarkingDocumentThumbnail” so that you can do things after marking a document thumbnail if you need to.

Packaging changes

Known Issues

Bug Fixes