Interface EventSubscriberInterface

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      • eventNotification

        ContentHandlerResult eventNotification​(ContentHandlerInput input)
                                        throws VirtualViewerAPIException
        This method is called when some events occur in the VirtualViewer client, such as opening a document or viewing a new page on the document.
        input - ContentHandlerInput containing the following values:
        Every row is an expected value in the ContentHandlerInput. The first column is the string key for the value. The second column is the type of the value. The third column is the detailed description of the value.
        KEY_EVENT java.lang.Object The type of event, as a constant property of ContentHandlerInput (e.g. ContentHandlerInput.VALUE_EVENT_SAVE_DOCUMENT).
        KEY_CLIENT_INSTANCE_ID java.lang.String Custom configurable value used to pass data from client to content handler. If not set then will be the session ID. Can be retrieved with String clientInstanceId = input.getClientInstanceId();
        KEY_HTTP_SERVLET_REQUEST javax.servlet.http.HttpServletRequest Request that called this method. Can be retrieved with HttpServletRequest request = input.getHttpServletRequest();
        ContentHandlerResult with no values currently expected.
        VirtualViewerAPIException - if content handler throws exception