For information about new features and fixes in VirtualViewer® HTML5, please see the release notes online or the release notes in your product build directory. These may be found in

The most up-to-date information, documents, manuals, and release notes may be found on the Snowbound website at Please note that if you have not yet upgraded to the most recent version of VirtualViewer, you may need to navigate to the documentation relevant to your version of the product.

Some things to note in VirtualViewer® v5.0 and later:

  • Please be advised the previously named “default content handler” and now called the “sample content handler” is actually intended to be used for Proof of Concept efforts but is not a complete connector

  • It is recommended that customers upgrade as soon as possible to the latest release of VirtualViewer (typically offered quarterly). The product is rapidly evolving with new features as well as fixes.

  • Snowbound recommends the use of the SVG output format from the server to the browser whenever possible for reducing data size and improving performance, particularly when working with large spreadsheets.

  • When working with large spreadsheets, it may be advantageous to try the file breakup option so you’re not working with extremely large downloaded documents that might affect performance.

  • VirtualViewer® Java HTML5 v5.5+ requires Java 1.8.
    • VirtualViewer® Java v5.3 and 5.4 required Java 11.
    • VirtualViewer® Java v5.0 - v5.2 required Java 1.7.
    • The versions listed above are the JRE / JDK VirtualViewer® Java HTML5 was targeted for and tested with. Newer versions generally work fine but are not tested by Snowbound QA.
  • web.xml changes: The following parameters in web.xml have been removed:
    • defaultByteSize
    • tiffByteSize
    • jpegByteSize