Typical system requirements to successfully run VirtualViewer® HTML5 for Java are listed below. These specifications should only be considered a baseline. Depending on number of concurrent users, types of documents, and length of documents, these requirements could vary.

Validation minimum requirements

The following are the validation minimum requirements:

Processor 2.4 GHz dual-core
Storage 20GB Free

Performance minimum requirements

The following are the performance minimum server requirements:

Processor 3.2 GHz quad-core
Storage 250GB SSD / Enterprise HDD

The following are the high performance recommended requirements:

Processor 3.4 GHz quad-core
Storage 250GB SSD / Enterprise HDD

Note about ARM® & Apple® Silicon

Requirements listed above were based on the Intel® x86 (64-bit) architecture.

As you likely know, Java® will run on almost any computer regardless of CPU type. We have found that VirtualViewer® will run on ARM type systems such as the Apple M1 based Macs or the Raspberry Pi 4 running Ubuntu 64-bit.

At the present time these are not supported configurations for production environments.

Content server

VirtualViewer® HTML5 for Java requires a compatible content server in order to function. The sample content handler is included in the virtualviewer.war package. The source code is provided on our GitHub page. All files will be stored in the sample-documents directory when using this content handler.

Servlet container

VirtualViewer® HTML5 for Java requires a J2SE or J2EE servlet container to run. We recommended the Apache Tomcat and IBM Websphere application servers.

Other servlet containers such as Weblogic or Jboss may be optionally supported. Please contact Snowbound for detailed support information for these and any other special-case systems.

Server Java version

VirtualViewer® HTML5 for Java JRE of 1.8 or higher is highly recommended.

Client browser versions

We recommend Firefox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Safari for client browser use.

Internet Explorer 11 can be used in most circumstances, but due to age, incompatibility and lower performance, it is not recommended. VirtualViewer may also work with other browsers (such as Opera), but no testing is done to ensure compatibility or performance.

Note If you are using Internet Explorer 11, VirtualViewer will look, perform, and behave better if it is running outside of compatibility mode. For best performance, please configure Internet Explorer to use normal mode when using VirtualViewer. Quirks mode in Internet Explorer is not supported.

Exceptions to Supported File Formats and Platforms

We do our best to support product and document specifications and to work in common platform environments, however there are always exceptions.

If you discover an exception or issue, please contact Snowbound Support at support.snowbound.com to let us know about it.