Below, please find the release notes for VirtualViewer v5.6.2 and associated minor releases. For questions, please contact us at or by phone at (617) 607-2010.

v5.6.2 - Febuary 1, 2021

Point release

Known Issues

  • Streaming media from the content handler may prevent seeking on the client media player when the media is first opened.
  • Fit to page is currently incompatible with watermarks. Any pages printed with a watermark will not be fit to page.
  • Reloading annotations does not work properly with documents that have had pages added/removed. Annotations will load on the correct page number, but that will have changed if you added/removed pages from the document. We recommend reloading the whole document if the annotations don’t properly reload.

Bug Fixes

  • VV 5.6.0 shipped with a major bug that made reloadAnnotations, and by extension reloadDocument, wipe away all annotations instead of reloading them. That has been fixed for this release.
  • Fixed several bugs with calling reloadDocument or annotations on a different documentId.
  • Fixed an issue with textStamp’s background colors.
  • Fixed an issue with reloading annotations on a cropped page.
  • Fixed an issue with reloading annotations with annotation indicators enabled.
  • Fixed an issue with line width being incorrect when cutting/pasting line annotations between documents.